Fighting for Migraine With Words

By Dr. William B. Young—June 5, 2016

The words and phrases we use subtly influence how we and others think about the world.  This matters a lot for migraine.  It is hard to change people’s preconceived, ignorant notions and arguments just don’t have much of an impact.  I’ve been arguing for a long time, and I don’t think it has changed the general perception of this disease.  But people copy what others say; if for no other reason than we are wired to do so.  So why don’t we who understand this disease, either because we have it, or because we treat it, or because we study it, choose to talk about it in the most beneficial way we can?

Years ago I would have resented someone supporting politically correct speech.  However, over time I have come to see how certain words and phrases undermine people with migraine, minimizing the impact of disease, and perpetuating the stigma of migraine.

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